Media Reports Discussions Over a New European Premier League

Football betting fans may have a new competition to wager on if a European Premier League is introduced. Media reports state that discussions have been held over a new FIFA-backed tournament that would involve five of England’s big clubs.

Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks over the creation of a new competitive league that would involve the biggest names in European football. According to Skysport’s website, England’s two most successful clubs have been involved in discussions in a new tournament that would fundamentally change the football landscape.

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According to the report, a financial package is being arranged to the value of £4.6 billion. This money would be used to create a competition that would be called the European Premier League.

It is alleged that twelve teams from the major European footballing nations would join the new competition, with clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain already in negotiations.

As many as six English clubs are believed to be involved in discussions with Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham joining Liverpool and Manchester United. Of these six, five could become founding members of the new league. The reports do not state what criteria will be used to select the five teams or ultimately who will decide.

Sky claim that football’s world governing body FIFA has been actively involved with the plans and have had input on the format of the competition, which would feature up to 18 teams and take place during the regular European season.

The top teams at the end of the European Super League would then compete in knock-out rounds to determine an overall winner; it is not known how many teams would qualify for the elimination stage. The prize money for the winner is expected to be in excess of £200m, around 25% more than the current champions receive for winning the Premier League currently (£150m).

Sky quote an industry insider who states that a public announcement could be made regarding the plans by the end of the month. Still, the same source stated that at the time of writing several key details – including a definitive list of clubs who will be involved – was yet to be finalised and plans could still fall apart at this stage.

The claims that Liverpool and Manchester United are heavily involved in this proposed new tournament has annoyed supporters of both clubs, especially as these reports come just weeks after the two clubs revealed proposals to reshape the Premier League.

As part of ‘Project Big Picture’, Liverpool and Manchester United proposed;

  • The Premier League be reduced from the current 20 clubs to 18
  • Scrapping of the Community Shield and the EFL
  • The ‘Big Six’ and Everton, West Ham, Southampton would gain special status
  • Only six votes would be needed from the nine special status teams for a vote to pass
  • £250m would be made available for EFL clubs
  • An introduction of a play-off between the team finishing 16th against the club placed sixth in the Championship
  • Premier League would commit 25% of future revenue to the EFL
  • Special status clubs would be protected from relegation for 20 years

These plans caused outrage among many football fans and experts who accused the two clubs of attempting a power grab on the game and said the two clubs were using the coronavirus pandemic to strengthen their clubs say in the game. A view shared by the Premier League and the Football Association who would not back the plans.

Premier League clubs also rejected the ‘Big Project’ plans, at a virtual meeting held last week, Premier League clubs “unanimously agreed” not to pursue this plans.

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