Ladbrokes Coral publishes gender pay gap figures

Ladbrokes Coral have published a report detailing the gender pay gap in the company in the year up to April 2017, with a key finding being that female staff earn 15% less mean hourly pay than men on average.

Men earning more than women

Ladbrokes Coral says fewer women in senior roles is the leading cause of its gender pay gap. © IBTimes

The statistics were published due to new reporting regulations introduced by the UK Government. As of April 2017, companies with more than 250 employees must disclose their gender pay gap each year, under the Equality Act 2010.

The Ladbrokes Coral Group is the largest retail gambling operator in the UK and has over 21,000 employees. The gender divide is only slightly uneven, with 51% of employees male and 49% female, with the median hourly pay gap between men and women employees at the firm 2.5%. Due to this, Ladbrokes Coral has stated in the report that it will do more to help to close this gender pay gap.

Ladbrokes Coral has also published the findings of its own analysis into what is driving the pay gap. Analysis by the company found that the pay gap is largely driven by weak female representation at senior levels. For example, in the firm’s lowest pay quartile, women account for 60.1% of all staff. However, this weighting shifts in the highest pay quartile, where women account for just 46.4% of staff, as the report further explains:

Our analysis supports the opinion that the under-representation of women in highly skilled/paid roles is the main reason for the gender pay gap. Within our top four grades, there were 164 men and 45 women. In addition, the majority of women in the most senior management positions are in roles within certain functions where salary levels are lower compared to other specialist or technical functions (such as finance or IT)Statement, Ladbrokes Coral Group

How do Ladbrokes Coral plan to close the pay gap?

The operator is quick to point out that its overall gender pay gap is comparatively low to the UK national average, which is 18.1%, though it also acknowledges that there is more work to be done.

The report states that a number of measures have already been put in place to tackle the gap and help get more women into senior roles, from a review into pay, a review of the board, and engagement of colleagues with company policies and practices.

The company also set out methods to be executed in the near future. A review of parental and other leave, flexible working and part-time hours, new appointments and promotions, and unconscious bias training, are all on the agenda to help to company meet its gender pay gap goals.

Around 500 firms have disclosed their findings, with Ladbrokes Coral being one of the first.

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Men earning more than women

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