IGRG updates industry code for socially responsible advertising

The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has updated its industry code for socially responsible gambling with new rules surrounding social media advertising and affiliates.

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THE IGRG published the third edition of its guidelines this October. © Remote Gambling Association

The group published its new guidelines in October 2017 and will look to implement the new terms by the end of the year. Under the terms of the licensing agreement, all UK facing operators are expected to comply with the new code.

The update is the third edition of the the code and contains several measures aimed at better regulating the promotion of gambling and gambling services. Specifically, the group raises several measures which are designed to limit the exposure of gambling adverts to minors, particularly via social media. The group suggests age-screening tools that would help prevent minors from viewing adverts.

The code also states that all future references to the organisation Gamble Aware are to be changed to www.begambleaware.org.

On the release of the new guidelines and the topic of advertising gambling services, John Hagan, IGRG Chairman, said:

The advertising of gambling has probably never been more in the spotlight than it is at present and we await with interest the eventual conclusions of the ongoing DCMS review. In the meantime, pursuant to our own commitment to review the Code on a regular basis, I am glad that we have brought forward now some very worthwhile additions relating to advertising on social media, affiliate marketing and the referencing of www.begambleaware.org in print and broadcast advertising.John Hagan, Chairman of the IGRG

Crackdown on affiliate practices

For the first time, the guidelines specifically mention the behaviour of affiliates and call for operators to regulate them more stringently, with the practices of some affiliate marketers in the gambling industry under the spotlight recently.

A number of operators, such as bet365 and 888 Sport, have already warned affiliates of a zero-tolerance policy in regards to compliance. Others, such as Sky Bet, have cancelled their affiliate system altogether.

The pressure is being exerted by both regulators – with the Advertising Standards Authority fining a number of operators for adverts created by affiliates in September – and Government, with the opposition Labour party calling for much stricter regulation of the industry.

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