Netherland’s Remote Gaming Bill goes to consultation

The Netherlands Remote Gaming Bill has reached the consultation stage after a number of delays. The consultation will last for two-months, before the bill is debated in Parliament.

Houses in the Netherlands

The bill is now under a two-month consultation. © Pexels.

The Government is asking operators who would seek licences, industry figures and groups, sporting organisations and charities that assist in problem gambling for their responses.

The bill was approved back in 2016 and moved to the Senate for approval. The Government originally aimed to pass the bill in October and issue licences from April 2019. But progress has been slow since.

This was mostly down to disagreement over a physical-presence clause, which entailed operators having to be in some way established in the Netherlands.

Just what exactly that meant was the source of debate and the bill was delayed, before a cross-party agreement was reached in June 2018 to remove the clause.

It was replaced with legislation stating that operators should be based in an EU state and establish a local Dutch representative, should they not already have an office in the Netherlands.

Dutch Gaming Authority fines Mr Green

The Dutch Gaming Authority has fined Mr Green €312,500 for a failure to effectively use IP blocking technology to stop players in the Netherlands gambling using its website.

According to current Dutch legislation, operators must block Dutch players from accessing their websites. MRG, owner of Mr Green, has confirmed they will appeal the ruling.

A subsidiary of Betsson, Corona, was also recently fined by the Dutch Gaming Authority for not holding a local licence. Corona has said that it too will appeal.

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Houses in the Netherlands

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