Gambling Commission publishes its business plan for 2018-19

The UK Gambling Commission has laid out its key tasks, targets and priorities for the next yer in its 2018-19 business plan published yesterday.

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The plan sets out the UKGC’s key goals over the next twelve months. © Pexels.

The plan is the first of a series of three which will be published yearly as part of the Commission’s three-year strategy and is an extension of the Commission’s five pillared strategy published in November last year.

Those five pillars are protecting consumers, preventing harm to the public, raising the standard of the gambling market, optimising returns to good causes from lotteries, and improving how it regulates.

Chief among the priorities for the coming year is urging operators to design in-protections and control measures from the beginning of product development. Operators are also asked to make further progress on customer intervention tools.

The Commission has also pledged it will commit to understand more about the impact of problem gambling on public health.

Key deliveries in this area will be defining options for sustainable and trusted research, education and treatment in quarter two, along with working with partners to develop a framework to quantify the effect of problem gambling on society.

The Commission has also listed many methods of improving the way it regulates.

In quarter one, it will establish a panel that will advise the Commission regularly on digital technological developments.

It will also deliver the second and third phases of its licensing project, build a one-stop data hub, improve its website for users, improve its HR information system, develop a new system to store licensee and operator information, and move its data processing to the cloud.

Speaking about the plan, William Moyes, Gambling Commission chair, said:

Our ambitious plans for the next 12 months and beyond are designed to enable us to continue to respond to emerging risks and issues in a way that balances consumer choice and enjoyment with the risks associated with gambling, and the impact on wider society. Our strategy and plans will deliver real change for consumers, the gambling industry and for us as the regulator. Our aim is to make gambling fairer and safer and to raise standards across the industry.William Moyes, Gambling Commission chair

You can read the business plan in full at the Gambling Commission’s website.

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