EGBA report shows gambling trends

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has released a report into the gambling activities of the customers of its members. The EGBA said its members process nearly 1m online payment transactions every day. The report also highlights betting trends within the European Union.

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The report shows operators process almost one million transactions each day. © Pexels.

Highly influential trade association the EGBA has released its report into its member’s activities in 2017. The far-ranging report looks into the activities of the 12 million active customers in over 19 EU countries who are registered with an EGBA member.

Members of EGBA include bet365, bet-at-home, Betclic, betsson group, Kindred group and GVC Holdings, who are one of the world’s largest sports-betting and gaming group who have well-known brands such as bwin, Coral, Eurobet and Ladbrokes in their portfolio. The annual report is often seen as a barometer into the health of the gambling industry.

The report’s main headline is that customers are being paid out nearly £1m each day in gross winnings for online players. This figure is on an upward curve and if the current trend continues then this figure is likely to rise from the €19.6bn paid out in 2017 to €24.7bn in 2020. This would be an increase of just under 80%.

The report paints an interesting picture of the increasing emergence of the online market with online betting now accounting for 20.7% of the total EU gambling market activity. The remaining 79.3% takes place in land-based premises, such as high-street bookmakers as well as casinos. This land-based figure also includes non-gambling premises, such as supermarkets and newsagents that sell lottery tickets.

An interesting insight the report gives is the frequency and the amount on average a customer spends at one of its members. The average sports bet is £10, with a customer likely to place a bet once every 17 days. The EGBA also audit the return to player rate (RTP) of its members, with the current figure standing at 93%. This means that for every £100 staked, the customer on average receives £93 in return and the bookmaker keeps the difference as income.

What customers bet on is a main focus in the report. Sports betting being by far the most popular market to bet on at 40.31%. Casino is next on the list with 32.14% and there is then a sharp drop to lottery with the figure amounting to 13.27% of online gambling activity. The rest of the list is made up of poker at 6.12%, bingo at 4.59% and ‘skill’ gambling having a 3.57% market share.

Addressing the problem of underage gambling, the EGBA said its members have spent over €22.6m (£20.12m) in improving safeguards, with a large percentage of this figure being used to improve the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and making their age verification systems more effective. The report also highlights the fact that its members give back to the sports that they take bets on. The EGBA stated that more than €325m has been paid out so far in financial support for sports clubs, leagues and federations.

The full EGBA report can be viewed here.

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