Betfred extends its partnership with digital marketing provider OtherLevels

Betfred, one the UK’s leading sportsbook, is to extend and enhance its partnership with digital marketing services provider OtherLevels.

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Betfred will now have access to the entire OtherLevels marketing technique portfolio. © Wikipedia

The new terms of the partnership will allow Betfred to utilise OtherLevel’s full player engagement messaging portfolio. Further, OtherLevel’s application, web push, interstitials, and variety of inbox communication tactics have been integrated into the Betfred software. This will enable the bookmaker to engage and retain customers on a multi-device level.

Betfred hopes to optimise its conversion levels and approach by utilising the web push service to identify a target audience of anonymous users. This will enable Betfred to engage and convert this audience more efficiently, without having to pay extra for media re-targeting. The action engine function from OtherLevels can also be used by the sportsbook to supply customers with real-time odds and price changes.

Russel Young, commercial director at Betfred, said about the partnership:

Since working with OtherLevels, we’ve seen our marketing attributed revenue grow. We’re delighted with the early success these sophisticated messaging techniques have provided us, and we look forward to generating further growth in the months ahead. None of this would have been achievable without the help of the marketing experts at Betfred and OtherLevels, who have delivered effective marketing campaigns.Russel Young, commerical director at Betfred

OtherLevels are experts in digital marketing, enabling increased conversion rates and dynamic, tailored content that effectively engages potential customers. The two companies had initially joined forces back in 2014, where Betfred partnered with OtherLevels specifically to focus on mobile marketing campaigns.

Along with allowing Betfred to integrate the firm’s platform, the extended partnership means OtherLevels expert digital marketing strategists will provide training and support to Betfred.

Speaking about the extended partnership, Brendan O’Kane, chief executive at OtherLevels, said:

Partnering with one of the UK’s most recognised betting operator is a major coup for OtherLevels. Our expertise and knowledgeable team have already proven to be very beneficial to, and we’re more than confident our communication tools will become a key part of its marketing strategy. We’re excited to be working alongside, as we aim to drive greater audience reach, increased retention, and stronger loyalty and player engagement for them.Brendan O’Kane, chief executive at OtherLevels

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