Yerry Mina in hot water for gambling advert

Everton and Columbia centre-back, Yerry Mina, has been caught breaking the strict betting laws imposed on professional football personel by the Football Association. This marks another Premier League player being investigated in wake of the Daniel Sturridge controversy last week. Perhaps a societal shift is needed to stem the flow of footballers breaking betting laws.

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Footballers are prohibited from TV gambling advertising participation. © Pexels.

The team of Mina will have a lot to answer for as the centre-back appears to be bamboozled by the recent litigation against him. The Football Association have caught wind of the centre-back staring in a television commercial back in his native Columbia for the betting company, Betjuego. The Columbian was unaware that these rules applied to advertising and in South America being very far removed from the English laws, it is no surprise there has been a confusion around the circumstances of this alleged violation of the strict betting restrictions placed on players in English professional leagues.

Of course, these laws are put in place to protect the integrity of the game, both for players, officials and fans. The rife issue of spot-fixing has plagued the sport in past decades, and nobody wants to see the game descend into the corrupt and un-watchable debacle that his plagued leagues in Italy.

The law specifically states:

An individual participant, when acting in a personal capacity, shall not be permitted to advertise or promote any betting activity that the participant is prohibited from engaging in by Rule E8(1) or E8(2).Quote, 2018-19 FA Handbook

There is certainly a message to be learned here for Yerry Mina betting advert for Betjuego. The footballer has fallen into the trap of thinking that the laws that operate for him in Columbia would allow him passage to participate in a gambling advert. But as the case has proven to be, the Football Association take action on players breaking this law no matter where in the world it happens. It is unfortunate for him, but the punishment will not be overly severe, a light fine and short ban from matches will be the most likely retribution for this mishap by the Everton star.

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A television showing a blue screen

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