Unibet embraces gamban integration

Unibet is set to become the first UK brand to integrate gambling blocking software. The move will see an alignment of self-exclusion to the ability to access services. The service is free of charge for Unibet customers.

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Unibet embraces gamban integration © Pixabay.

Unibet customers will soon be able to use Gamban blocking software that runs parallel with any self-exclusion initiatives they may have signed up for. The change, announced by parent company Kindred, will give more flexibility to the duration of any self-exclusion.

Perhaps the most significant impact in harm reduction these changes could bring is the ability for customers to self-exclude for longer than a year. Previously Gamban’s software only allowed 12 months, but consumers can now select any duration from six months up to five years.

Kindred said, in a statement released on their website, that their collaboration with Gamban is good news and will help consumers who wish to exclude from their website. The company point to this as being one of the many innovations that they have deployed to safeguard their consumers.

Neil Banbury, Kindred’s UK General Manager, believes the company has responsible gambling at the top of their priorities at Kindle and acknowledged the need to empower customers with support applications. He said;

We are strong advocates for education around responsible gambling and ensuring all of our customers are able to make an informed choice. All of our customers should have the tools and support they need to enjoy our products responsibly and by offering this service for free to all of our customers we are certainly taking a step in the right direction. Neil Banbury, General Manager, Kindred

A Working Relationship

Jack Symons, CEO of Gamban, was also highly complimentary of the working relationship between the two companies. He said, “It’s a pleasure to work on enhancing self-exclusion with such a passionate and dedicated team at Kindred”.

Gamban themselves have been receiving positive reviews regarding their product’s effectiveness in blocking access to gambling websites. Once installed, the software can be used on different devices and will block over 30,000 licensed and non-licensed gambling sites. GambleAware, an independent charity who fund research, prevention, and treatment services, tested the product and found it 99 per cent effective.

The report by GambleAware acknowledges that a software only solution is unlikely to stop a determined gambler but believes it is a useful tool in a basket of measures. They point to the evidence that a potential gambler may not consider it ‘worth the effort’ to circumvent the software. This pause is often enough time for the individual to reconsider the motivation to gamble and could act as an intervention.

A worrying aspect of the GambleAware report was the variance in effectiveness between the products tested. While Gamban scored well, the lowest performer was much less successful, only stopping threats 59% of the time.

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