UKGC releases new enforcement report

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has released a new report covering enforcement work undertaken over the last year. The Raising Standards for Consumers Enforcement Report was released last week and has revealed that operators need to do more to improve support offered to consumers.

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This is the UKGC’s second annual enforcement report. © Pixabay.

The report is the Commission’s second annual edition and covers the over 160 investigations into compliance issues the Commission has worked on over the last 12 months. Those investigations have led to a number of sanctions made against operators and their senior management. Over 2,000 intelligence reports and hundreds of risk based compliance assessments were also carried out.

Additionally, operators have paid out over £19.6m in penalty packages due to failures in complying with UKGC rules and regulations.

The report goes into detail about how operators can improve support and customer standards in the future. Guarding against money laundering, better safe gambling standards, and more transparent and honest marketing standards should all be addressed.

Speaking about the report, Neil McArthur, UKGC chief executive, said:

I want gambling consumers in Britain to be able to enjoy the fairest and safest gambling in the world and I want gambling operators to work with us to put customer enjoyment and safety at the top of their corporate agenda. As the report shows, we will be tough when we find operators bending the rules or failing to meet our expectations, but we also want to try and minimise the need for such action by providing advice, a programme of support material and compliance activity to help operators get things right in the first place.Neil McAthur, UKGC chief executive

McArthur also referenced the more positive work carried out by operators over the last year. Standards have been raised via co-creation workshops, webinars, and other initiatives. The Commission will continue to evaluate the impact of these initiatives and hopes to continue them in the future.

Commission clarifies rules surrounding affiliates advertising free-to-play games

This week, the Commission has reminded operators of their responsibility when it comes to the compliance of affiliates. In May, changes to the LCCP mean that a customer’s age must be verified before they play a free-to-play game.

However, the Commission has stated that some operators may be benefitting from affiliates not conducting age verification for these games. The Commission has told operators to “take immediate steps to ensure your free-to-play games cannot be accessed by children and young people via affiliate’s websites.

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An iPad and report

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