UKGC Partners With Twitter to Limit Gambling Content

The UK Gambling Commission has created a four-page guidance document, with Twitter’s blessing, to help users limit any gambling related content they are able to see on the online platform.

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UKGC Gives Twitter Guidance © Pixabay.

It is part of a new strategy that looks at talking the way individuals are exposed to gambling content in the online world. Many users are often particularly vulnerable and have no idea how to combat any unwanted content they are exposed to.

The UKGC’s document is meant to be used as an aid, and although it doesn’t provide total solutions, they definitely give the user more power to control what they see. It lists ways in which a Twitter user can manage what appears in their feed. By unticking gambling related keywords, as well as other sports, and muting them there will be fewer posts appearing. Words suggested are things such as “deposti”, “new customer”, “boost”, and many other synonyms.

It is also recommended that users unfollow accounts associated with gambling, and turn off notifications from those they want to avoid. Furthermore, it is also possible to remove promoted tweets and block them from appearing in the future.

It is also possible to block other accounts from viewing your profile, and it is recommended that any gambling accounts should be on a ‘blocked’ list.

The CEO of the Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur, said that social media was an area of concern of the organisation and they are planning to produce more guidance for other platforms, not just Twitter. In regards to this programme, he said:

Whilst we work on a plan which sets out new standards for how the industry will embrace advertising technology, I hope that this guidance will play a role in helping consumers to limit the gambling-related content they see on Twitter Neil McArthur, Gambling Commission CEO

Throughout this process the UKGC have had the support of Twitter, Katy Minshall, the head of UK Public Policy, said “improving the health of the public conversation is our overall mission as is ensuring those on the service feel safe and supported,” before stating “we also continue to work with industry partners on tools to support their responsible advertising priorities. We’re happy to partner with the Gambling Commission in providing those on Twitter with information on the tools and controls they can use to manage their experience.”

This collaboration with the social media giant can only be a good thing and could encourage other companies to follow suit. The Conservative Party has already pledged to improve the online safety of those in danger of gambling related harm and this seems to be the first step of many new proposals in the coming months and years.

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