UKGC hosts first co-creation safer gambling workshop

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), together with a host of representatives from major operators and twelve consumers, got together for the Commission’s first co-creation workshop.


The event was part of the Commission’s co-creation workshop series. © Pexels.

The co-creation workshops are an innovative approach to improve measures designed to minimise gambling related harm. The first workshop, hosted last week, focused on safer gambling messaging towards low and moderate-risk gamblers. A second will look at how data is used to identify consumers that operators would like to interact with.

The workshop was led by three UKGC experts, with twelve representatives from numerous operators, and twelve consumers also in attendance.

The workshop consisted of discussing and evaluating current practices of responsible gambling messaging, getting feedback, and looking for improvements or opportunities to change.

Key outcomes included valuable insight from consumers on how they would react to new suggested means of communication, understanding operators’ thought process behind current approaches to customer contact, and identifying best practices.

The Commission also published a detailed report on the findings of the class. Interestingly, using pop-up messaging and personalised language appears key in responsible gambling messaging. The consumers said that longer emails would often be ignored, blanket messages had no personal appeal, and customers could feel like a metric rather than a customer.

While users did not want to feel spied on by operators, they should be reassuring. Empowering customers, and also employing visual elements in means of communication, were also highlighted as effective.

The Commission has urged operators to read the report and to take the findings into consideration when planning future initiatives.

The Commission’s Insight team, who developed the workshop, will host a second one in the near future. You can read more about the co-creation workshop concept at the Commission’s website.

The UKGC will also be launching a consultation on customer interaction in the coming weeks. This will focus more on the formal aspects of interaction contained in the UKGC’s Licence Conditions and Code of Practice (LCCP)

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