Spanish Online Gambling Revenue Soars By 10.2%

Spain becomes the latest European country to show a sharp rise in online gambling revenue. Figures released by the Spanish regulator show a 10% increase.

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Spain’s GGR Rises by 10.2% © Pixabay.

Spain’s gambling regulator, The General Sub-Directorate for Gambling Regulation (DGOJ), has released data for the online revenue for operators during quarter one of 2021.

The data shows that the gross gambling revenue rose by 20.2% year-on-year when compared to 2020 figures. Sports betting made up 45.9% of the total at €110.3m, with online casino accounting for €99.5m, equating to 41.4%. Despite the healthy growth for the industry overall, the figures show a dropping in revenue in sports betting. Gross gambling revenue for the vertical fell by 0.25% on the previous year despite an increase of 27.8% of pre-match bets.

In-play betting, the most profitable sports betting activity for operators, fell by 7.7% on 2020 figures. However, the vertical did enjoy a lift of 8.3% on “other” bets.

Although sports betting revenue was down, a sharp increase in operator’s casino revenue offset the decline. Online casino rose by 28.3%, with live roulette the best performing activity, up 54.4% year-on-year. Online slots also saw an annual growth spike, with a 26.8% increase in gross gaming revenue compared to 2020.

Online poker recorded a moderate 3.1% year-on-year increase to €24.95m. The vertical had a 17.9% reduction in cash poker games but offset partially by a 13.7% increase in tournament poker games.

Bingo revenues were down compared to 2020. The gross gambling revenue for Q1 2021 was €3.6m, a drop of 2.4%. The revenue received from bingo contests also reduced; the €1.7m figure for 2021 is 7.6% lower than last year. The regulator also revealed that the amount being deposited is higher. The figure of €737.8m is 40.4% higher than in 2020. However, withdrawal requests are also up. Withdrawals of €497.8m represent a rise of 51.4% from the previous year.

The DGOJ also revealed the amount that operators have spent during quarter one on marketing. Spanish-licenced companies spent €148.3m, an increase of 23.8%. The regulator also gave a breakdown of this spend; €12.4m for affiliate marketing, €8.5m in payment for sponsorships, €56m in promotions and €71.5m was spent on ad expenditure. The activity of accounts increased by 22.7%, and the regulator also stated that the number of new customers rose by 43.5%.

Spain’s positive results overall are consistent with a pattern of growth for European countries. Earlier this month, France regulator ANJ released France’s results, showing a 35% year-on-year increase in total revenue in Q1. However, unlike Spain, the sports betting, horseracing betting and poker verticals all showed improvements.

Total quarterly revenue increased by €152m, the figure of €587m, up from €435m in 2020.

One of the countries enjoying the highest increase in gross gambling revenue is Portugal. Their gross gambling revenue increased by 83%, largely driven by an incredible rise of 102% in sports betting.

Huge interest in Portuguese domestic league, Premier League, and La Liga betting has seen the year-on-year figure rise from €34.5m in Q1 2020 to €69.5m in Q1 2021.

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