Second UKGC co-creation workshop looks at data and harm prevention

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) ran the second of its co-creation workshops this week, this time focusing on the use of data in harm prevention.

Workshop and brainstorming session

The co-creation workshops are run by the Commission’s Insight team. © Pexels.

The workshop was hosted by the Commission’s Insight team and invited data analysts and managers from the industry. These experts shared existing best practices and brainstormed ways of improving harm prevention and player protection through industry collaboration.

The group also discussed the challenges posed by big data, and talked about how to design, manage, and evaluate datasets.

Discussion also revolved around communicating safer gambling messages, using the insights provided by the Commission’s first co-creation workshop earlier this week. The benefits of digital versus traditional communication channels, plus how effective different types of communications are, were all debated.

One conclusion agreed by all was that continued refinement of harm reduction processes is required. Cooperation between various teams is essential, and increasing investment in compliance and risk operations from operators has been effective.

Commission warns industry about non-disclosure agreements

The Commission has written to a number of operators after learning that they had been employing non-disclosure agreements (NDA) in settlement agreements with consumers.

NDAs could prevent consumers from reporting regulatory concerns to the UKGC or even prevent them contacting the Commission at all.

Employing NDAs in this manner would contradict paragraph 4.2 of the Commission’s statement of principles for licensing and regulation. It could also fall foul of Licence Condition 15 of the Licence conditions and codes of practice.

The Commission published information on its website about proper use of NDAs. It also warned that failure to take on the warning could result in regulatory action.

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Workshop and brainstorming session

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