RAIG lowers membership barriers

The affiliate gambling business is undergoing a dramatic change in structure and organisation. The new affiliate trade body the Responsible Affiliate in Gambling (RAIG), founded in April 2019 is pursuing a mission to overhaul the standards which the many affiliated follow. But with a steep membership of £5,000 per annum, the organisation admits this may be too high and is seeking ways to reduce this.

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The RAIG is a collaboration of the industry’s biggest players. © Pixabay.

The organisation was founded by some of the biggest names in the gambling affiliate marketing industry: Better Collective, Racing Post and Oddschecker. With such a star-studded lineup, it is hard to ignore the authority that the RAIG posses. The industry in its current state is clearly very fractured, un-regulated and un-organised state. With compliance issues being a constant friction point between the biggest betting operators and the companies that seek to profit on the affiliate schemes offered.

No matter where your loyalties lie, or which end of the industry reflects your own business ambitions, we can be sure that rules and regulations are being tightened and more scrutinised. This intense scrutiny comes from the very highest places of government in fact.

Speaking about the situation, Clive Hawkswood, the Chairman of the Responsible Affiliated in Gambling said:

We talked about having full membership for just those three companies for the next 12 months – not for it to be a clique or a closed shop – but to give the company some consistency and help with the directorships. Clive Hawkswood, RAIG Chairman

RAIG have given affiliated two options

The RAIG have given the option for affiliated to join two different payment plans. The more expensive plan giving full membership at £20,000 per year, and the cheaper option coming in at £5,000 per year. With this flexibility, affiliates are free to choose whether they want to gain the full benefits of this organisation, or if they merely want the benefits of being associated with these reputable brands.

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Silhouettes standing on a target

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