New Sky Bet chief says tech can stem problem gambling

The new CEO of Sky Bet recently came out and threw his support behind the gamble aware movement. Proctor argues the operators now face an increasing responsibility to fulfil the obligations of providing a safe environment to gamble.

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Sky Bet are a huge betting company and have access to huge banks of data from their expansive user base. The increasing technological capabilities of these online betting companies means that it is more capable than ever to track user behaviour, using deep learning and AI system to categorise and immediately identify customer user metrics that can be attributed to problem gambling behaviour patterns. The question is, does this serve the interest of the betting companies, or would they be potentially cracking down and restricting customers that could be potentially very profitable for them.

There has always been this typical conflict of interest between the betting companies and punters. Gambling companies will always stick to the message that they are taking steps to reduce problem gambling and identity problem players, which they do – but when doing this directly affects their bottom line, the enthusiasm and proactiveness with which they take steps to stop these players is sometimes called into question. We know companies are forced to display gamble aware banners and offer services to problem gambler, but it is the things they are not forced to do, such as donating to gambling addiction prevention help centres that reveal so much. It is known these donations are incredibly minimal in relativity to the year on year profits these companies make.

The shift has been to an almost paternalistic model where there is a moral obligation to think about affordability. This is not just about problem gambling. It goes further than that, because people can develop problems over time. We don’t want people to spend beyond their means. Ian Proctor Sky Bet CEO

You can read more about the potential use cases and implications of problem gambling at the in-depth online report. You will also find lots of references to the educational steps being taken to educate the public on the issues of problem gambling.

The new CEO is leading a recruitment drive

Proctor is on the hunt for new employees for the company base in Leeds. Having already assembled a team that is 1500 strong, Sky Bet is always looking to recruit new talent. The company work environment is very young and they hire over 40 graduates a year keeping the average age in the office at a young age of 32 years.

With that being said, it is also a team of very experienced and highly-skilled people, the future for Sky bet under the new owner and CEO is yet to be realised. But one thing is for certain, the impending regulations and heightened scrutiny over the treatment of problem gamblers will play a major part in not only the future of Sky Bet, but the whole gambling industry.

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