Labour propose stricter online gambling limits

Limits on how much online gamblers can spend online and stake on games will be introduced if Labour are elected to power.

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Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, has outlined plans to curb how much online gamblers can stake when playing online. He stated that whilst gambling in the real-world is highly regulated, online lacks control to protect vulnerable addicts.

Labour would use the current 2005 Gaming Act, the current legislation, and create a new category for online betting within it. Labour feel that although gambling companies have the required data to sport those with gambling addiction or problems, they don’t do enough to protect.

There have been rules such as age verification before one can withdraw money, however, this has not been enough. Watson has highlighted the case of a woman who ran up £70,000 debts through gambling online, who said it didn’t ‘seem real’, as the numbers were just ‘digits’ on the screen. The proposal, to limit stake amounts, the speed at which bets can be placed, and overall expenditure would, it is hoped, help curb such cases.

The relationship between gambling and online video games

This relationship to the virtual world has not gone unnoticed, with those saying gambling online is akin to playing computer games. Things like loot boxes, that often appear in online games, where players pay cash to open a mystery box, are very similar to gambling. Watson wants to further explore this relationship and see if it is something that can be addressed.

the government has not directly responded to this specific proposal, and instead, have said that they constantly review regulations and do not hesitate to act when it is needed. For Labour, this is not enough.

In an an interview online, The Deputy Labour Leader, Tom Watson, said:

We need to see a culture of limits introduced to internet gambling: a system of thresholds placed on the spend, stake and speed of online gambling that will give safeguards to consumers. Deputy Labour Leader, Tom Watson

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