GamCare set to launch Safer Gambling Standard at ICE London

GamCare, the industry’s leading prevention and treatment provider for problem gambling, is set to unveil its new Safer Gambling Standard at this year’s ICE London.

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GamCare will officially unveil the new standards at the ICE London conference in February. © Pexels.

GamCare’s Safer Gambling Standard is a new social responsibility quality standard that it hopes all licensed operators will strive to adhere to. Using its over 20 years of industry experience, academic evidence, and service user input, GamCare has developed a set of twelve social responsibility principles.

GamCare hopes that operators will go beyond the current industry codes and meet its new standards. Operators will be assessed to see if they meet the Safer Gambling Standard.

The assessment process will comprise a review of an operator’s procedures and policies, staff interviews, and onsite visits. GamCare believes that if an operator is to truly espouse responsible gambling effectively, those standards must also be fully integrated into its company culture and operations.

Operators can earn both the Safer Gambling Standard and the Safer Gambling Standard Advanced Level (Awards at Level 1 up to Level 3). The standard will replace the current GamCare Certification.

The ICE London is one of the industry’s biggest events and a global hub for industry experts with over 30,000 attendees last year. The forum features a number of seminars and numerous product exhibitors, making the ICE one of the industry’s most important networking and product solution conferences.

Speaking about the decision to unveil the Safer Gambling Standard at ICE London, Mike Kenward, Development Director at GamCare, said:

ICE London is the heart of the industry and THE place where the conversation around consumer protection and customer welfare should be happening. We will be announcing the full rollout of our new standard in the Consumer Protection Zone where operators should be heading in order to focus on protecting their customers and sustaining their business. We will have already successfully trialed it with several operators before ICE London, but we want to do an official launch from the Consumer Protection Zone to talk people through the purpose of the standard, why they should get on board with it and what we ultimately believe it will mean to consumers. Mike Kenward, GamCare Development Director

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