Gambling Commission to support new harm prevention research project

The UK Gambling Commission has announced it is to support a new research project that will investigate the potential harm caused by different gambling products and environments.

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The Commission has called for collaboration across the industry to complete the project. © Pexels.

Calling for collaboration across the industry, the Commission will apply data from gambling operators to better understand how different products, characteristics and environments have potential to cause harm.

The ultimate goal of the project is to identify which factors have the highest potential for harm and how to prevent harm being caused.

For efficiency purposes, the Commission has stated that it will request data from operators that can be used at a later data on further research projects.

The project is being run in collaboration with the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) and GambleAware.

Speaking about the project, Ben Haden, programme director at the UK Gambling Commission, said:

Our strategy sets out our commitment to preventing harm to consumers from the risks gambling can pose. Success of this relies on growing our evidence base to better understand the types of gambling products and services that present more of a risk of harm to consumers than others. Gambling firms have an important role to play in achieving this as they hold comprehensive data that is vital to this research. It goes beyond simply analysing the data which is already reported to us by operators and we will be encouraging the industry to get involved.Ben Haden, programme director at the UK Gambling Commission

A research brief for phase one of the project, outlining the approach, has already been published by the Commission.

Split into four parts, the outlined initial phase is thought to take two years to complete, while the entire project is expected to take between three to four years.

Part A of the brief sets out background information, part B establishes the research objectives, part C outlines the priority categories and the key metrics used, while part D further outlines the research teams and governance.

There are six core research themes to the entire project, which are: Gambling-related harms, patterns of play, which interventions work, changes in gambling behaviour, treatment, and education and prevention.

The Commission stated that once the research team has been established, it will begin to contact operators to acquire the relevant data.

You can read the research brief in full at the Gambling Commission’s website.

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