GambleAware to double annual spending over next two years

GambleAware, the UK problem gambling charity, has released its 2018-20 strategic delivery plan announcing that it will double its annual spending to £16m over the next two years.

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GambleAware is set to double its annual spending over the next two years. © Pexels.

GambleAware plans to divide the funding between three areas over the next two years, with research and evaluation to receive £9.8m, education £5.6m, and treatment set to receive a large proportion of the funds with £14.3m.

GambleAware is set to meet with the UK Gambling Commission and the Responsible Gambling Board to discuss who will fund the increased annual spend.

In the past, the charity has relied on minimum funding of £10m in voluntary donations annually to meet its responsibilities. However, CEO Marc Etches has blamed the industry of failing to meet these funding requirements and called for a step-up in contributions.

Extra income will also come from regulatory settlements and payments to good causes.

GambleAware CEO, Marc Etches, said:

With only 2% of problem gamblers receiving treatment, it is clear more needs to be done to make sure people are able to receive the help and support they need. The industry has consistently failed to meet its funding target of £10m, and it will need to step-up its contributions in the absence of state involvement, to ensure we are able to deliver this necessary expansion of services in future without relying on what are, in effect, fines for bad behaviour.Marc Etches, GambleAware

More emphasis on prevention

The 2018-20 strategic plan also makes reference to specific areas where the charity plans to allocate funds and take action.

Central to the strategy is a much greater emphasis on prevention. Along with treatment receiving much greater funding, GambleAware is soon to announce new partners and collaborations across England, Scotland and Wales to focus on step up efforts towards prevention.

New initiatives, such as a knowledge hub designed to spread awareness and information towards young people, will be launched. The charity also plans to create an access point to treatment outside of the one current location in London. This could be in Leeds, as GambleAware announced back in January that it was in advanced talks with the local council and the NHS to create a problem gambling clinic in the city.

Further education campaigns targeting wide ranges of audiences across multiple platforms are also planned.

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Money in a box

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