GambleAware announces ViewItUK partnership for data analytics

UK gambling charity GambleAware has announced a collaboration with data and analytics company ViewItUK.


GambleAware new data partnership. © Pixabay.

In an attempt to gain a clearer understanding of gambling harm, GambleAware has teamed up with data and analytics company ViewItUK. As part of the agreement, ViewItUK will be tasked with gathering and analysis of data when an individual seeks help or when referred to a service that is funded by GambleAware. These services include the National Gambling Helpline as well as individual treatment centres that are scattered around the country.

The charity has seen an increase of problem gamblers seeking help with over 30,000 people contacting the National Gambling Helpline in 2018/19 so far with an additional 10,000 individuals receiving face-to-face appointments.

The GambleAware CEO, Marc Etches, believes that the collaboration with ViewItUK underlines the charity’s commitment to the national strategy to reduce gambling harm. In a statement, Mr Etches said:

This development will pave the way for additional improvements for people who use the services and for those who work in it. Marc Etches, GambleAware CEO.

Dr Andrew Jones, who is one of the directors at ViewItUK, said he was “delighted” with the partnership and believed that the company’s data management, analysis and visualisation systems will provide the charity with statistical data which will enable GambleAware to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

The GambleAware website, which was first launched in 2008, is the most recognised specialist website for individuals seeking help with problem gambling. The site attracts over 2 million unique visitors a year.

The charity in their 5-year strategy that was published in 2016 say they are always committed to being ‘evidence-based’ from the point of view of what causes harm and also what harm minimisation treatment measures are the most effective. This close relationship with ViewItUK should provide the statistical data for the charity to decide the most effective distribution of funds.

These funds are likely to receive a significant boost over the next four years as Britain’s five biggest bookmakers have agreed to increase their voluntary contributions to problem gambling causes.

In a meeting with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Sky Betting & Gaming, GVC Holdings bet365, Flutter Entertainment and William Hill representatives agreed to increase the amount they contribute towards harm prevention and treatment.

Companies that offer online gambling services to UK customers currently pay 0.1% of their gross gambling yield (GGY). This figure will increase to 1% by 2023, which will generate approximately £60m per year.

As well as the extra cash pledged, the five bookmakers who held talks with DCMS also made pledges in the areas of treatment, advertising, transparency and data sharing. They have agreed on measures that will allow them to share data regarding problem gamblers to prevent possible further harm. The five companies have said they will publicly report their progress on all these commitments in their annual assurance statements to the Gambling Commission.

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