GambleAware and RSPH form Gambling Health Alliance

Problem gambling charity GambleAware and the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) are joining forces to create the Gambling Health Alliance.

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The Alliance will be established for an initial three year period. © Pexels.

The overarching goal of the Alliance is to see problem gambling treated with the same care as other public health issues. The Alliance will focus on early prevention and intervention, as well as increased community engagement.

The group will have an initial three year term and will seek to bring together stakeholders to work towards reducing gambling-related harm. Its main goals are to highlight gambling-related harm, engage policy makers and other relevant groups, highlight studies that can be used to develop actions, and to undertake surveys and other campaigns to increase awareness.

The Alliance states that it will “act as a signposting organisation” and bring together resources and create a network. It will take an active role in pushing the notion of problem gambling as a public health issue and to develop a more effective approach to dealing with the issue.

The RSPH is the world’s oldest public health body and has more than 6,000 members around the world.

Speaking about the move, Shirley Cramer, RSPH chief executive, said:

While it is encouraging that gambling is rightly identified as a public health issue, more needs to be done to better understand the harms that arise from gambling, who is affected and what support can be provided to prevent harms from developing or escalating in the first place. We are delighted to announce the establishment of this Alliance, which we hope will have the same impact that other alliances concerned with issues impacting on the public’s health, such as obesity and alcohol, are having on raising consciousness and agreeing common goals for the public health and policy-making community to rally behind.Shirley Cramer, RSPH chief executive

Marc Etches, chief executive of GambleAware, added:

Gambling is increasingly being considered as a significant public health issue, and this new Alliance provides an opportunity for a wide range of organisations to act together to address it in a coordinated and more effective manner. As research reveals more about the breadth and complexity of the harms associated with gambling, GambleAware sees clear value in forging newpartnerships with those who share our objectives to reduce those harms through a multi-level public health response.Marc Etches, GambleAware chief executive

You can read more about the Alliance at GambleAware’s website.

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Jigsaw pieces in a meeting

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