Gamban Wins Four-Year Norway Contract

Gambling blocking software company Gamban has been awarded a four-year contract by Norway’s government-owned Norsk Tipping. The UK company will provide consumers with gambling blocks

Norway’s Norsk Tipping has chosen Gamban to provide it with gambling blocking software. In a year-year-deal, the UK company will provide the operator with the software needed for its customers to block unlicensed sites and enable self-exclusion.

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The state-owned Norsk Tipping is the only legal way that Norwegians can access lotteries and online gaming in Norway and the company will offer the Gamban software to supplement the country’s self-exclusion register. Another feature of the software is that it will block access to offshore operators who are not regulated or licenced for use in Norway.

Norsk Tipping was originally founded in 1948 as a football pools limited company. The Norwegian State had control of 40% of the company, the Norwegian Sports Federation 40% and the Norwegian Football Association 20%. In 1993, the State took full ownership. Profits from the company are divided 50/50 between sports and culture projects.

Research data released by the University of Bergen showed a sharp upturn in the number of problem gamblers in the country. Norway had been on a downward trajectory in those seeking help for addiction, but numbers have spiked over the last four years.

Norsk Tipping chief RG officer Bjørn Helge Hoffmann said, “Gamban’s software enables us to offer extended protection to customers wishing to block access to the black market”. While the company’s CEO Åsne Havnelid said: “As the government’s own provider we have to turn every stone in order to reverse this development.

“We are working on a series of extended responsible gambling measures within our jurisdiction. Gamban’s software will be a valuable supplement to our own systems,” Hoffmann added.

As well as blocking offshore betting sites, Gamban’s software can also block “softer” gambling activity such as skins betting for esports such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The software can also prevent trading in cryptocurrencies which are often used to fund accounts with offshore operators.

Gamban founder Jack Symons said: “The sheer volume of gambling sites means players are unable to exclude from each and every one. Adding:

The most effective way to exclude from regulated – and unregulated – gambling sites is by blocking access at device-level. Jack Symons, Gamban founder

“One of the big changes we’ve made is in enabling our customers to install Gamban on multiple devices to ensure complete coverage,” he added.

The deal with Norsk Tipping is the second country-level deal that the company has announced in two months. Last month they revealed that they had partnered with the Extern Problem Gambling Project (formerly Problem Gambling Ireland).

In a press release, Gamban declared that Ireland was suffering from a gambling problem, stating:

  • Ireland has the third-highest gambling losses per adult, in the world according to official figures.
  • Ireland has approximately 30,000 people with gambling problems.
  • Fewer than 1% of people who need help can receive it.
  • Gambling addiction affects young people at 2-3 times the rate of adults.
  • Over €5bn is gambled each year in Ireland
  • 2% of the population bet regularly online

Irish consumers who contact Extern Problem Gambling Project seeking help will be offered self-help resources, CBT programmes and access to the Gamban software to restrict or prevent access to gambling-related content.

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