Coral and Football Index Have Ads Removed From TV

Coral and Football Index have faced criticism from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for airing ads on the television that were deemed irresponsible. Index suggested its product was a way to make money, whilst Coral’s encouraging weekly gambling, which could be deemed harmful.

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Coral and Football Index have ads removed.

Coral’s advert was first shown on T.V. in June. There was a voice-over which promised a ‘free £5 bet every Sunday’. However, there was a terms and conditions text which stated that in order to qualify for such an offer, you had to bet £25 from Monday through to Saturday.

As a result, there was a complaint lodged which stated that this kind of offer encouraged people to gamble on a weekly basis, which could result in irresponsible behaviour being developed. Coral defended itself by saying that customers had to opt-in to such an offer, and the could opt-out at any time. As a result of this conscious choice, they stated they didn’t think it encouraged frequent betting. Nevertheless, ASA stated it could encourage harmful behaviour amongst some customers, thus they ordered the ad to be removed from the television.

The NHS national director for Mental health stated:

It is absolutely right that the authorities take action and clamp down on ads which are found to be wildly irresponsible and appear determined only to encourage harmful, addictive behaviour. Claire Murdoch, NHS

It appears that ASA are really clamping down on such forms of advertising.

Another operator, Football Index, also had an ad banned for claiming its product helped one make money. Their ad appeared on FourFourTwo’s YouTube channel and was named ‘How to make money from Football index’. The complaint against the ad stated that there were not clear indications of the inherent risks of gambling and it heavily implied it could be a source of income.

Football Index retorted, saying that it described itself as a ‘football stock market’ and this should show that there were risks involved. Nevertheless, ASA were left unconvinced. They said it created the impression that it was a ‘lucrative investment opportunity’, and there was not enough evidence to the contrary.

ASA stated changes must be made to inform players that losses were common and took place easily. The ad could not be shown online again in its current format.

It remains to be seen if more adverts will face censure in the coming months.

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