Nicky Morgan to Step Down as Culture Secretary

The UK’s Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan has announced she is stepping down from the role. The Loughborough Conservative MP has only been in the role for four months but has confirmed she will not stand in December’s general election.

Announcing on Twitter, Morgan said she cannot commit to another five-year term and said the role of Culture Secretary had had a “clear impact” on her family. The Remain-supporting MP said herself and other MP’s were the subjects of abuse and for the first time in 18 years, she wouldn’t be a candidate in the forthcoming election.

In a letter that Morgan sent to her local party chairman Trevor Ranson she described being the Loughborough Conservative MP as being the greatest privilege of her life but added;

The clear impact on my family and the other sacrifices involved, and the abuse for, doing the job of a modern MP can only be justified if, ultimately, Parliament does what it is supposed to do. Nicky Morgan, Culture Secretary.

After announcing her decision, Ms Morgan gave an interview on BBC Radio Leicester in which she said that her decision to quit was not due to any disagreement with the prime minister Boris Johnson. In stepping down, Morgan joins more than 50 MPs who have already confirmed they will not stand again.

Nicky Morgan took over the Culture Secretary position from Attorney General Jeremy Wright, who himself had been in the role for less than a year. Another change in this position has come under criticism from gaming industry experts.

Loughborough Conservative MP Cites “Clear Impact” on Family

CEO of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, Warwick Bartlett, said that there had been “too many ministerial changes over too short a period of time” and added that what the industry needed was a period of stability.

Bartlett’s calls for stability are unlikely to come to fruition with the general election looming. The new Culture Secretary’s identity will depend on who wins December’s election. The bookmakers have the Conservative party as favourites to obtain a parliamentary majority @10/11. The Conservatives securing a minority government is priced @ 4/1 with the Labour Party outsiders @14/1 to win enough votes to become a majority government.

However, if the Conservatives fail to retain control of the government, Labour has more MPs which would lead to Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister. In this scenario, it would be probable that current shadow minister Tom Watson will take the role of Culture Secretary; this is a prospect that has many in the industry worried. Tom Watson was one of the driving forces behind the “whistle-to-whistle” ban on gambling advertising that was introduced this year and has been a staunch campaigner of more regulation to be placed onto operators. Watson has called the introduction of a Gambling Ombudsman.

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