ComeOn Receives Three Fines

ComeOn has been hit with three Swedish fines. The Hajper and Faster brands have also been fined for the same offence of offering bets to under-18s. The penalty totals £1.7m.

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ComeOn has been fined by the SGA. © Pixabay.

The three fines are separate and have been issued by the Swedish regulator, the Spelinspektionen (SGA). All were issued for offering betting on games with multiple participants under the age of 18, which is the minimum legal age for betting in the Scandanavian country.

ComeOn received a SEK20m fine (£1.7m). was also fined £850,000. The fines are respective to each companies’ estimated turnover for the full year of 2019.

ComeOn received a similar fine from the SGA recently for its Casinostugan brand. That fine is currently being appealed.

CEO of ComeOn, Lahcene Merzoug, said recently that:

All these cases will probably be tried in in court… And then maybe we’ll have clarity but it’s a bit of a waste of time because it could have been defined earlier on to avoid confusion for us and more importantly players.Lahcene Merzoug, CEO ComeOn

A statement from ComeOn about the fine read:

As soon as this was discovered we fixed the issue and has since then made several changes to make sure that this will not happen again. However, we believe that SGA’s decision to fine our three brands is unproportional to the violation and our legal team is currently looking into a potential appeal.Statement, ComeOn

Elsewhere in Sweden regulated revenue has risen 3.2% in Q2 to a combined SEK6.082 (£514m). These figures are calculated by the SGA and the Swedish Tax Agency. Online betting and casinos accounted for over half of the revenue. State lottery and slot machines was the next biggest contributor.

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