The Case to go Gambling Free on Christmas Day

The organisation Nobet364 has proposed that the gambling industry go dark for Christmas Day to raise awareness against problem gambling.

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The founder, Alex Macey has stated that Christmas Day is often a hard time for those with gambling addiction, and as a result, has proposed there should be a unified day where both disordered gamblers and all gamblers to come together and take a day off from betting or playing the casino.

The inspiration is due to all shops, supermarkets, and high street bookies being closed on the day, so why not extend it to the online sphere? They have also reached out to gambling companies to see if they will join in.

Disappointingly, only one company has pledged to join so far. Star Sports will close their online casino on Christmas Day. Alex Macey the founder of the organisation said;

It shows they’re forward-thinking and prepared to make tough choices to protect those that maybe don’t have the strength to make their own choices. We very much hope that other companies will take note and become united, just for one day. Spokesperson, Nobet364

The main idea here is not to dent the gambling industry’s profit, instead raise awareness to those who are in need and are suffering. ‘Going dark’, is about showing those that help is on hand.

Wider Industry Support is Lacking

As of writing, only Star Sports has pledged to be involved. There have been rumours that some bigger players could be open to the idea, as Nobet364 reported, yet these have not been substantiated.

The idea in principle is a good one, and would certainly be good PR for any operator involved. There will be concerns within the industry that they will lose out on profit, but in light of recent government restrictions and proposals, it would be a good idea for more to get voluntarily involved.

It may only take one or two big names two take the plunge, then the rest will undoubtedly follow. All in all, this is a really good initiative and we hope that there will be more operators joining soon.

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