Burnley’s New Chairman Promises Review of LoveBet Sponsorship

The new chairman of Burnley will reconsider the club’s sponsorship deal with LoveBet. Telling fans he will alter the club’s commercial strategy to align with its social responsibility goals.

Alan Pace, the new chairman of Premier League club Burnley has told fans he is open to reviewing the club’s current sponsorship deal with LoveBet. Answering fans questions on Twitter, Pace stated he was considering a thorough review of the club’s commercial strategy.

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Pace became chairman of the club when American investment group ALK Capital completed a £200m takeover on New Year’s eve, acquiring a controlling 84 per cent stake in the Premier League club. ALK specialises in sports and media sector takeovers and installed Pace in place of Mike Garlick as Clarets’ chairman. However, Garlick and former shareholder John Banaszkiewicz will remain on the board due to their eight-year experience in the role. ALK state they hope this decision will ensure a smooth transition.

Pace has made himself open to questions from fans and has been interacting regularly with supporters via Twitter. A common theme raised is the club’s relationship with betting companies. Of particular concern was the close relationship with Ladbrokes and the front-of-shirt sponsorship deal in place with LoveBet.

John Robertson, a Burnley fan, referenced Pace in a Tweet. Saying: Something important to me, as it is to MANY fans, is that @AlanPaceBFC considers whether we need the £ from Gambling co.s? I hate my club’s historical endorsement of being ‘a sucker’ (for not having a bet), and I hope this is something that can be cleaned up.

Robertson attached a picture taken from Burnley’s official app which promoted a free £1 bet for Burnley fans. The text reads, “App Exclusive, Squids in Free £1 Bet. Log in to the app for a completely free £1 bet on any sport today.”. It concludes with, “You’d be a sucker not to!”.

Robertson also included a screenshot of his Twitter feed in which the first Tweet was from Ladbrokes offering a free bet, and the next Tweet was from the club stating the game today was dedicated to mental health awareness.

Pace replied to the Tweet saying: Thanks, John, for sharing this. It’s an issue I’m aware of and have my own personal views on, too. I can promise it will be reviewed as part of the overall commercial strategy for the club.

Another Twitter user, Mairwen Jones, replied to Pace, saying You can be socially responsible and profitable at the same time- it would be great to see Burnley FC leading the way on this.

Pace replied stating he couldn’t agree more. He did admit that there could be historical contractual issues but added that this would be an issue he would be discussing with the team in the long-term.

Judging by the language used in his last Tweet, it seems likely that the Premier League club will wait until the expiry of the current deal with LoveBet that lasts until next summer. The club also has a long-term relationship with Dafabet. The company was previously Burnley’s front-of-shirt sponsor, first appearing on the first team’s kits in the 2016/17 season.

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