Betting and Gaming Council Pledges Apprenticeships Support

The Betting and Gaming Council has pledged to support the UK government’s Plan for Jobs programme. The trade body wants betting companies to create 5,000 apprenticeship posts

apprenticeship posts

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The Betting and Gaming Council has revealed its support to a UK government scheme to support young people into work and giving them the skills and training to succeed in the workplace. Pledging a four-year commitment to the programme, the BGC hopes to attract young talent into the industry as the country recovers after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The trade body’s Plan for Jobs scheme will see gambling companies create a total of 5,000 apprenticeship roles between now and 2025.

In addition, the Council’s members will also participate in the government’s Kick Start scheme, which enables those aged between 16-to-24 years and who are on Universal Credit to work part-time to learn on-the-job skills. There will also be opportunities for university students who have graduated to give them experience and help them take their first steps on their career paths.

As part of the UK government’s Plan for Jobs scheme, apprenticeships are jobs that will combine on-the-job skills training with a programme of off-the-job learning, which is available to all skill levels ranging from entry-level to a master’s degree-equivalent. Candidates will combine 80% of workplace training, which will enable them to learn the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to succeed in the workplace. The other 20% of the apprenticeship’s time will be educationally based and take place in a college, an institute of technology or at the workplace and delivered by a training provider.

The government state that businesses benefit from the programme as many apprentices stay with their employer when they finish their apprenticeship. The government also state that many companies see an upturn in productivity as apprentices are motivated to learn new skills.

To encourage companies to offer apprenticeships, the government will make a £3,000 payment for each apprentice they take on as a new employee between 1 April and 30 September.

In return, the betting companies must agree to pay the Apprentice National Minimum Wage, which currently stands at £4.15 per hour (£166 per week). However, the government does advise companies to pay more voluntarily to recognise the value the apprentices can bring.

Operators may also be asked to contribute 5% of the apprentice’s training and assessment costs.

Michael Dugher, the CEO of The Betting and Gaming Council, said that the Covid-19 outbreak and the disruption it caused has meant that giving young people the opportunity to work was “more important than ever”.

He added: “Between now and 2025, we pledge to offer a further 5,000 apprenticeships – crucial opportunities for young people to take their first step on the career ladder,” he added.

“Young people have been hardest hit by the pandemic. This pledge is an important step in enabling them to be a part of the wider recovery.

“The future remains highly uncertain and the impact of the pandemic will be felt for a long time to come. “BGC members are ready to play their part by giving young people – our country’s future – the skills and opportunities they need to thrive.”

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apprenticeship posts

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