The Betting and Gaming Council Hires New CEO

Michael Dugher, a former MP of the Labour Party has been named the first CEO of the new Betting and Gaming Council. He will commence in his position from spring 2020.


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Dugher is currently the CEO of UK Music and has held this position since 2017. Previously he was a Labour MP and served the constituency of Barnsley East for seven years. He held several positions as a Member of Parliament, most notably as Shadow Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. It is clear he has a wealth of experience in government positions and it is hoped his influence here will be vital to growing the BGC’s future standing.

The new Betting and Gaming Council was first launched in November and has already secured pledges from some of the top sportsbooks and operators regarding five safer gambling commitments. These include increasing support for treatment of gambling harm, advanced consumer protection, encouraging a safer gambling culture amongst many other things.

It’s a positive sign that this organisation can flourish that they already have such a clear plan and connections. It must be noted that they want to provide an environment where gambling can take place, yet making sure it is safe. The new CEO said;

Like many millions of people, I enjoy having a bet. Creating a safe gambling environment will be my top priority. Michael Dugher, CEO

Dugher will be working alongside Brigid Simmonds who is the chair of the BGC and they have formed a partnership with to tackle the most important issues in the industry.

A Wealth of Experience

Simmonds said the Dugher will bring a valued past with a tremendous amount of experience to the organisation. She said that their aim is to make the UK “the safest betting and gaming industry in the world”.

The Betting and Gaming Council are still relatively new, so it is very important that they have someone with knowledge and experience to head the team.

So far the organisation have been making all the right noises, it remains to be seen if they can carry on with their programme, but for the sake of all the gambling industry, it would be very welcome.

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