AGA publishes results of sports betting demographics study

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has published the results of a study into the demographics of those who bet regularly on sports.

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The AGA commissioned the study into the demographics of sports bettors in the US. © Pexels.

The AGA commissioned Nielsen Sports to conduct the study. Nielsen Sports surveyed 1,032 adults in the US across a range of ages, genders, and ethnicities. With sports betting recently legalised in the US, the AGA aimed to better understand the characteristics of those who will form the betting landscape.

Chief among the findings are that sports betting adults are younger, diverse, more affluent and better educated than the average among the general population in the US.

Those findings were made when comparing sports bettors to regular sports fans.

Among those surveyed, 71% said that they would move to regulated operators should access to a legal online platform become available. That included 38% who said they would completely switch to legal operators and 33% who would use their current unregulated operator less in conjunction with a licensed operator.

Almost half (44%) of sports bettors are under the age of 35, while 29% have a household income of over $100k, which is almost double the percentage among the general population.

Speaking about the results, a statement from Sarah Slane, senior vice president of public affairs at the AGA, read:

The Nielsen Sports data supports what we’ve long expected: access to legal sports wagering will increase fan engagement in major sport contests and enable a significant revenue generation opportunity for major sports leagues and teams. Expanding access to legal sports betting will bring millennial audiences back to sports broadcasts and stadiums, which is a huge benefit for sport enterprises across the country. However, this potential will only be realized with proper policy frameworks that empower consumers with competitive odds, access to all bets and the ability to tap into modern platforms including mobile. Without this focus on consumers, the illegal market will continue to thrive.Sarah Slane, AGA Senior vice president public affairs

A further study is forthcoming and will estimate how much revenue the sports betting demographic will generate.

The NFL is already the most popular league among current bettors, but initial research suggests it is to benefit even further, with a projected 60% increase in betting activity. The MLB follows closely with a 55% betting increase, while the NBA and NFL are both projected to see 24% more activity.

You can read the results in the study in full at the AGA’s website.

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An NFL stadium

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