AGA takes aim at federal sport betting intervention bill

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has labelled a proposed Senator’s bill that calls for federal oversight of sports betting regulation in the US as “unprecedented and inappropriate”.

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The AGA continues to voice its opposition to a federal sports betting bill. © Pexels.

The Sports Wagering Market Integrity Act of 2018 was introduced by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Orrin Hatch.

The bill would see states forced to seek federal approval for their sports betting regulatory frameworks and when issuing new licences.

The AGA continues to push the argument that sports betting legislation is already effective in the US when negotiated between jurisdictions and private sector entities. In both September and October, the AGA voiced publicly its opposition to federal oversight of sports betting, criticising the bill in a addressed letter to Chuck Schumer and by squaring off with the NFL.

In a press release published on the AGA’s website, Sara Slane, senior vice president of public affairs, outlined the group’s opposition to the bill:

[The bill] represents an unprecedented and inappropriate expansion of federal involvement in the gaming industry. Under the bill, states would have to renew their regulation applications to the Department of Justice every three years. Across the country, nearly 4,000 dedicated public servants already regulate all forms of gaming, including sports wagering, with more than $500 million committed to ensuring the integrity of commercial casinos’ operations and $822 million spent on regulation of tribal gaming in 2015 alone. Sara Slane, AGA senior vice president of public affairs

Bill Miller named as new president and chief executive officer

The AGA also recently announced that Bill Miller would take over as the organisation’s new president and chief executive officer effective as of January 14 2019.

Miller was previously senior vice president at the Business Roundtable (BRT) and headed up that group’s advocacy and brand work.

Speaking about his new role, Miller said:

I am honored to join a team with a well-earned reputation for advancing the casino gaming industry’s legislative and communications priorities and addressing the issues that matter most to its members. Much to the AGA’s credit, this is a remarkable time for gaming in America. The industry is growing, acceptance of gaming as mainstream entertainment has never been higher and the opportunities to continue to advance gaming’s agenda are abundant. I am eager to help lead the industry in this next era. Bill Miller, AGA president and chief executive officer

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