Haye v Bellew Rematch Cancelled

The highly anticipated rematch between David Haye and Tony Bellew has been called off after David Haye suffered a freak accident that has ruled him out of the fight that was scheduled for the 17th December at the O2 Arena in the Docklands in London.

The Fight Between Haye v Bellew is Cancelled Preview

The anticipated rematch between Haye v Bellew has been cancelled due to an injury sustained by Haye.

The fight between British fighters Haye and Bellew has been cancelled after Haye injured himself whilst preparing for the clash.

In what has been called a freak accident, Haye slipped on some stairs and had to have surgery on a torn bicep. In the statement Haye was quick to play-down the seriousness of the incident. Describing the incident that caused the postponement, Haye said:

After a freak accident during a stair conditioning session, which I’ve done with no incident hundreds of times, I lost my footing and slipped. I instinctively grabbed the banister to stop myself toppling down the stairwell. In doing so I somehow managed to damage my biceps.David Haye, Boxer

Another Injury Blow for Haye

This latest injury is another in a series of setbacks for the 37-year-old fighter from Bermondsey. In the first fight with Tony Bellew, Haye ruptured his right Achilles which severely restricted his movement around the ring. This meant Haye was easy pickings for Bellew who won the fight with a stoppage in the eleventh round.

However, it is the frequency of injuries throughout his entire career that will have fans questioning if a return to the ring is in Haye’s best interest.

In 2005, he had to call off a proposed fight with Mark Hobson due to a hamstring complaint. A rematch with Klitschko was cancelled just 17 days before the event due a back injury and in 2013 he was cut during a sparring session which caused the postponement with a much-fancied clash with Tyson Fury.

Fury was also let down on a re-arranged fight when Haye had an operation to rebuild his right shoulder.

Who Next for Bellew?

Although the voices coming from the Haye camp are quick to describe the injury as just a set-back, Bellew’s camp will no doubt be drawing up contingency plans. One of the names being branded about is Tyson Fury.

Former World Champion Tyson Fury was quick to offer Tony a fight. The Gypsy King took to social media to tell Tony’s camp that he was “ready, willing and waiting to fight Tony Bellew on May 5th at the O2 Arena in London”.

The British public would love to see that fight and with the winner of that bout likely to fight Anthony Joshua, it does appear that British heavyweight boxing is enjoying a golden age. However, Tyson Fury doesn’t currently hold a licence to fight from the British Boxing Board of Control. This was revoked in October 2016 after allegations of doping emerged.

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Haye & Bellew

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