Best Entropay Betting Sites

Entropay is a provider of prepaid virtual debit cards that you can use anywhere Visa is accepted. It takes just a few seconds to fill out an online form, create an account and then receive a virtual card complete with a 16-digit number and security code. Once you have your virtual Entropay card, you can log in to any online betting site to fund your account instantly.

You will need to set up an account with Entropay to use the service, but doing so is easy. Just fill out the registration form and they will issue you a virtual Visa with a default customer name, credit card number, security code and expiration date. It works just like any other Visa except it protects your private information and can only be used to spend funds that you have previously loaded onto your card.

Speaking of which, you will also need to load your card before you can use it. Entropay betting sites will not accept your payment unless you have already funded your card – that’s why we call it a “prepaid debit card.” You can load your virtual Visa by logging in to your Entropay account and then using your own debit card, credit card or bank account to transfer the funds.


  • Quick Delivery: You can visit right now and have a working Visa in minutes.
  • Spending Limits: Entropay Visas can only be used to spend money that you have loaded. It does not connect to your bank account or personal credit card.
  • Security: When you pay with Entropay, the betting site never sees your banking or private credit card details.
  • Currencies: Entropay cards can be funded with USD, GBP and EUR. Most betting sites can also perform conversions into other currencies.
  • Multiple Funding Methods: You can load your Entropay account with funds from your credit card, debit card or bank account.
  • Languages: Entropay is available in seven languages.
  • Receive Payouts: When you’re done betting, you may request a withdrawal back to your Entropay account and then transfer those funds to your bank account.
  • Privacy: Online betting transactions never show up on your banking statements. The only thing that will show up on your statement is a generic payment to Entropay.


  • High Fees: 4.95% to load funds to your virtual Visa by credit or debit card
  • Account Verification: Entropay has been known to temporarily freeze accounts and ask for proof of identity and residence. This is required by UK “Know Your Customer” laws.

My Experience with Entropay

I have used Entropay a few times to bet online and have mixed feelings about the service. To start with the positive, I found Entropay to be completely safe and reliable. My money was always handled safely and transactions processed quickly. This is no surprise as Entropay is a reputable company authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

As far as actually moving money to and from my account, I have no complaints there. It was nice to use a virtual card online without revealing my real name, address or actual credit card number. Even though I’m not overly concerned with security, it was nice to know I wasn’t giving anyone my banking information.

What I didn’t like were the fees incurred while using the service (see below). The best Entropay betting sites charge nothing to use this deposit method, but Entropay itself does charge a hefty percentage for loading virtual Visas with funds.

I also found that the Visa logo on an online retailer’s website is not a guarantee of Entropay acceptance. Most merchants accept it as a payment option, but I did have trouble making purchases at a couple of online retailers.

In the end, the fees are just a little too high for me to recommend Entropay as your first deposit method. Other options such as PayPal and Paysafecard also offer online payments but cost significantly less. Entropay is best for customers who are either unable to play online due to local regulations or who are willing to pay the higher price for the additional security that comes from using a virtual Visa.

Fees and Limits

  • Sign up and receive your virtual Visa: Free
  • Make a deposit to a betting site: Free
  • Currency conversion when depositing: 2%
  • Load funds from a credit or debit card: 4.95%
  • Load funds from a bank account: 3.95%
  • Dormant account fee after six months: $5 / £2.50 / €3.75
  • Minimum deposit: $20 / £10 / €15
  • Maximum deposit per transaction: $2,000 / £1,000 / €1,500
  • Maximum deposit value per month: $20,000 / £10,000 / €15,000
  • Minimum withdrawal to bank account: No minimum
  • Maximum withdrawal per transaction: $10,000 / £5,000 / €7,500
  • Maximum withdrawal value per month: $20,000 / £10,000 / €15,000