Best Cash Transfer Betting Sites

The cash transfer could easily be considered a “last resort” deposit method. This doesn’t make it a bad option by any means, but it’s just not an option that most people consider right off the bat. It is often suggested to players who have had problems depositing by some other option for various reasons.

Many sites with licensing problems turn to cash transfers due to the anonymity and speed of transactions. For example, offshore sportsbooks that serve the US market rely heavily on cash transfers thanks to most other deposit methods being closed off to them.

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Not all sites that accept cash transfer are unlicensed or unsafe, but enough are that I would recommend making double sure you’re signing up at a safe site if they ask you to visit your nearest Western Union or MoneyGram station to fund your account. If you see cash transfer as an option, go run a quick Google search on your site to make sure it’s legit. It never hurts to play it safe.

There was a time a few years back when I could rattle off half a dozen cash transfer betting sites off the top of my head. The industry has changed a lot in recent years though, and today the cash transfer is not found at any betting site that I’m comfortable recommending.

A Better Alternative

In my experience, people typically turn to cash transfers because (1) they have physical cash that they would prefer to use, (2) they don’t want to share their banking details with anyone else, (3) they don’t have a bank account or (4) their betting site told them to use a cash transfer.

Reasons 1-3 are easily addressed by simply going out into the real world and getting a prepaid Visa or Paysafecard voucher. You can purchase both with cash, use them both to deposit without sharing your personal information and you need no bank account. Best of all, dozens of legitimate betting sites accept both forms of payment.

If your reason for coming here is number 4, that may be a bad sign. There’s a good chance your betting site is serving a market it’s not legally allowed to serve and is subsequently limited in how it can accept deposits. This is not a good sign from a safety or legal standpoint.

 Are cash transfer deposits safe?

Cash transfers are safe by themselves, but they do have a bit of a stigma that derives from their prominence as a payment method for scammers and other ne’er-do-wells. Once a payment goes out, it never comes back unless the recipient chooses to send it back to you. Unlike credit cards, you cannot contest the charges if you later find out you got ripped off.

This is why if you ever actually respond to one of those Nigerian Prince e-mails, the person on the other end is likely to recommend you send him some money via Western Union. It’s hard to trace money sent by cash transfer, so it’s attractive to all types of unsavory sorts.

Having said that, Western Union and MoneyGram are perfectly legitimate companies. I never had any issues for all the years that I used cash transfers. As long as you only do business with legitimate operators, making a cash transfer deposit is 100% safe every time. The key to all this is to stick with safe and well-known betting sites.

Can I receive withdrawals by Western Union or MoneyGram?

Sometimes. Most of the major operators are risk averse and prefer to instead send withdrawals via deposit methods that can confirm your identity. For example, paper cheques must be sent to an address that matches what they have on file for you while bank transfers can be traced all the way to the receiving account.

Cash transfers are riskier because they don’t require nearly as much information, are difficult to trace and almost impossible to cancel. The big gambling names of the world are constantly targeted by scammers and are thus quite risk averse. There are not many safe or licensed betting sites that accept cash transfer withdrawals today.

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